Once known as the Northcote Theatre, The Regal Ballroom is the oldest purpose-built cinema surviving in Victoria, and possibly the oldest surviving in the country. Built in 1912 by architect Edward Twentyman Jnr, it was nothing less than an impeccably composed theatre for all.

A perfectly restored example of Edwardian Baroque and a fifty-year association with cinema and entertainment (not to mention the first Melbourne building to be lit by electricity), the now Regal Ballroom has a historical significance to its home.


In its opening year, it became the venue for The Annual Northcote Mayoral Ball. And was later popularised for Vaudeville, Burlesque comedy, silent cinema and song and dance. 

The theatre was the pinnacle of all of High St and Northcote for the next several decades, luring people from all over Melbourne to the up and coming area. Subsequently, The Northcote theatre became part of the chain of Hoyts cinemas and was even featured in the 1952 film ‘Night Club’ directed by A.R. Harwood and starred Joey Porter.